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About me


I was born in Nara in Japan. Where I grew up was the countryside with full of nature around, so I love green. My major at Uni was agriculture and it lead me to a food company after the graduation.

Never had got interested in going abroad before then, however the timing had come 1 year after working at the company. I got bored of the routine work and thought about my next career, then decided to live abroad to see the world and improve my English for my better future.

And it worked beautifully, my life has been totally different since then. Traveling and living abroad have been giving me such a joy and a new look of world. Especially what locals do is very interesting and always fun to know.

That is why I created this blog site to let you know what locals do here in Japan, hopefully the info of this site will be helpful for you!

I write blogs in Japanese, too.

Here are the sites.

The site has 3 main topics, English study, working holiday, career with English.

The site is about crypto and NFT.

My story

After coming back to Japan, I lived in Osaka and Fukuoka, and am living in Kyoto now. Living in different cities are fun and I can not wait to live in another city in near future!

Bamboo trees with sunset

There are a lot of activities and local Japanese foods in Japan. those would be different from what you experience in your country. Also parenting, education, insurance and so on would be different from what you have in your country. So let me share those in this site for your info!