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Amanohashidate sandbar
Amanohashidate Sandbar Kyoto

Amanohashidate is a 3.6 kilometres sandbar spanning the mouth of Miyazu bay. The sandbar is one of t…

Kakinoha Sushi Nara

Kakinoha sushi is a local dish in Nara, which is a pressed sushi wrapped with a persimmon leaf so th…

Issho Mochi ceremony: first birthday tradition

Issho Mochi ceremony is one of the Japanese baby’s traditions, which is to have large round ri…

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About me

I am Japanese living in Japan, and love traveling around Japan and eating the local foods.

Traveling abroad is also my passion, and I used to live in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Seeing what locals do and how they live have been expanding my horizons.

Hope this website will be helpful for you. Information is King!


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